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If you took the opportunity and bought a house in Orlando, we invite you to know one the largest Orlando Property Management.


Who we are

Innovare Homes is the largest manager of Brazilian properties in Orlando. Founded by experienced executives, Innovare Vacation Homes was born from the union of Brazilian and American values. The company quickly stood out among competitors because, in addition to managing the properties, Innovare  Homes  gladly, takes on the challenge of producing bookings. The company has strategic partnerships with several travelling agents and travel companies to ensure that the homes of their clients always have adequate occupancy rate.

Innovare Homes maintains a Welcome Center and near Walt Disney World. This is important in order to provide fast service to nearly 1,000 customers / month. Surely, being close and always available elevates approval rating and satisfaction of our customers and keeps them coming back year after year.

Our team of 15 professionals are dedicated to property management, public relations, accounting, maintenance, housekeeping, reservations and customer service.

Our vehicle fleet consists of 4 maintenance vans, one truck for general services and supervision 1 car.




The Innovare Vacation Homes born from the union of Brazilian and American values. We selected what is best in both worlds. From Brazil comes the standard of cleanliness, spirit of service and the relationship with the owners; and in the US management techniques, intensive marketing and customer service.


Dealing with Innovare Vacation Homes, you can always communicate with the directors, managers and technicians of the company. This is quite important when it comes time for decision making. With facilitated communication, we understand needs and faster we can act efficiently and quickly.


Innovare Vacation Homes works only with quality homes. That is not our choice, but a requirement of the market. You know that Orlando offers about 30,000 rental homes for the season? This is a highly competitive and demanding market. To be successful you need the advice of professionals who can highlight their property.  Not looking to apart with your rental property? That’s Okay, contact us to make a decorating project, a small investment can make a big difference.


Disney recently created a partnership program for second homes in Orlando: Disney Vacation Home Connection. This program, like Disney Good Neighborhood Hotels, aims to establish a standard of quality for holiday/vacation homes complies with the Disney criteria. Everyone wins with this: guests are assured they will receive a house with quality and meets quality standards set by Disney; Disney has expanded its network of trusted partners. They are only about 30 companies participating in the program Disney Vacation Home Connection and we are one of them.


We classify our customers into 3 groups:

A) Temporary residents – Use the property only for holidays with family and friends. Usually they use the house during periods of high season, as January, July and December. Although not seeking revenue from the property, there is always the concern to keep the bills paid on time and reduce unnecessary costs and excessive use of water and energy;

B) Investors Only – Uses the property as an investment and as such should achieve maximum profitability. Generally have one or more properties and treat it as a business. They seek our advice on choosing the right property to be purchased; To decorate the house the most accepted market standards; and collaborate in producing reserves. These houses reach average financial return of 4-6% of their market value.

C) Investor / Resident – Are owners that combine investment and use of the property. They property meet market demands and seek to keep them rented in periods of high-season and later occupies with family during periods of May, September and November. Commonly, these owners are satisfied when they reach a balance between costs x revenues. They have a vacation home that is paid.

In all cases, we make a big effort to reduce its property maintenance costs. Not charging abusive maintenance fees ​​by keeping small maintenance work we do on a day-to-day. Don’t let your profits disappear with expenses? Come see the Innovare Vacation Homes.


All our houses are equipped with a Home Automation System which enables: control the air conditioning; the entrance door lock and a courtesy light on the Internet. This brings an incredible economy, because we can check and change the temperature of the air conditioner at any time and from any computer or smart phone. With this, we can prevent waste and significantly reduce your power bill, especially in summer. In addition, the same system sends alerts in major events such as opening the door - abrupt change in air conditioning. Identify problems quickly will make saves us money leading you to save money as well.


Marketing / Bookings

Some Property Managers don't assume the challenge of producing bookings, focus only on taking care of the properties and leave the owners outcast in getting bookings for their properties.

This is one of the key differentiators of Innovare Vacation Homes. We maintain strategic partnerships with several tour operators, to ensure that your home will have a proper occupancy rate. We have an exclusive partnership with the, which is the absolute leader in this segment. Working with the leading online travel agents, including the Booking, Travelocity and Bookit. We also have valuable partners in England, Chile, Argentina, Germany, Kuwait, Japan and South Africa.

Therefore, occupancy rates of our homes are between 45% and 75% depending on the size and location of the property, and for that it makes easier to reach the expected financial goals.


Management Fee

The house should follow strict hygiene and safety standards established by the State, County or Fire Department. In ensuring the regularity of your property, we make monthly inspections to check: emergency lights, smoke detectors, pest control, replace the air conditioning filter, fire extinguishers and other 47 items. Flaws in the inspections can cause serious problems to the owners in case of accidents or complaints to the Consumer Protection Agencies.

Important note: be very careful with extremely low or free fees, it can cost you thousands in the end.


The Innovare Vacation Homes also offers its customers tickets to the parks of Walt Disney World at great prices.
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